Candle Magic 101- Colors and Meanings

Candle Magic 101- Colors and Meanings

Candles have been used for magical purposes for centuries, and they're still popular today. One reason why candles are so common in spells is because they can be used to represent different aspects of the self or other people. By working with candles and certain colors, you can draw upon specific archetypes that represent certain emotions, traits and even Gods/Goddesses of Wicca.

Candle magic can use all the colors of the rainbow

  • You can use all the colors of the rainbow, not just red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

  • The physical spectrum is only one way to group colors.

  • Use your imagination when you create your candle spells: use literal representations if you wish (such as candles colored with food coloring) or symbolic representations if that feels more natural to you.

  • In addition to representing specific emotions (like love), certain colors have been associated with certain elements (like fire) as well as planetary energies (like Venus).


First, let's talk about black candles.

They're used for dark magic and have a lot of different meanings, depending on who you ask. Some people think that black candles are only used for hexes and curses, but others think they can also be used to help banish evil spirits from your home or even as an exorcism tool.

If you're looking for love spells, this is another color where it's hard to know what will work best for you unless you have someone experienced helping out with spellcrafting. If you have an experienced witch friend who's willing to make a custom spell just for your situation then go ahead and use any color candle! But if not then stick with the basics: red = passion; pink = affection; purple = spirituality; blue = communication; yellow = joy; white = purity (or innocence).


White is the color of purity. It is associated with the energy of the Goddess, and thus most often used by women when doing magic. White also represents the moon, which is connected to female fertility and spirituality. The element associated with white candle magic is water, because water has many healing properties. When using a white candle in your spells or rituals, try saying something like: “May this spell bring me peace upon peace…”

White candles can be used during any type of spell or ritual where you wish to call on feminine energy (the Goddess). They are particularly effective when working with healing spells or any type of love spell that requires a balance between male/female forces in order for it to work properly.

If you want an added bonus from your spells/rituals involving white candles then try writing down all your desires on pieces of paper before burning them in front of one! No need for fancy tools here - just write down whatever comes into mind as well as why they're so important; don't forget those details either because they help add power behind what's being done here! Once done write down some other generic statements such as "may my wishes come true soon," "may my dreams come true soon," anything else along these lines should work fine too :)


The color silver is often used for magical purposes. It represents the moon and is associated with lunar deities, including Diana and Selene. Silver also has a feminine energy associated with it, so it's a good choice if you're trying to attract a female deity like Artemis or Luna.

If you're trying to do something that requires balance or harmony, silver may be a good choice for your candle color because it can help bring peace and tranquility into your life.


Red is a color of passion, energy and love. Red is a color of fire, energy, and the sun. Red is also a color associated with blood, life and vitality. The heart chakra (the fourth chakra) has an affinity for red so this may be why it's commonly associated with love and courage.

Red candles are often used in spells involving prosperity or wealth because they help bring these things into your life by increasing your personal power. The right types of spells can make all the difference when it comes to bringing success into your life through spell casting but you need to know how to pick out the right candle colors!


Blue is a calming color and can be used to promote relaxation, creativity, and peace. Blue candles are also used for meditation and healing spells. You can use them for protection spells, prosperity spells, love spells or any other type of spell that you need to cast on yourself or someone else.

Blue is a great color to use in candle magick because it has so many different meanings associated with it:

  • It's associated with wisdom and insight;

  • It's associated with truthfulness;

  • It promotes patience (this one may sound contradictory but blue loves her job as an air sign);

  • It helps bring clarity to situations; ​and finally...

  • Blue brings clarity into relationships by showing us how we should behave toward others around us so that we don't cause unnecessary conflict within ourselves or our relationships


Yellow is a solar color, meaning it emanates from the sun and can be used to invoke brightness, warmth, intellect and creativity.

Yellow is also a color of healing and protection. In this sense, yellow candles are often used for rituals intended to bring about positive outcomes such as: healing from illness or injury; protection from negative or harmful influences; or cleansing an area where negativity has taken root. Yellow candles can help you clear away negative thoughts and feelings so that you can focus on what’s important in life.


Green is the color of nature and growth. It represents fertility, abundance, and renewal. Green is associated with the heart chakra and can be used in healing spells. A good color to use for prosperity spells or spells that require money.


purple is the color of meditation and psychic powers. Purple is also the color of spirituality, including religious rituals and ceremonies. The third eye chakra (which governs psychic abilities) is purple, as well as the crown chakra (which governs spiritual growth). Purple is associated with the element of air, which helps us connect to our higher selves.


Pink is a happy color, it’s a feminine color and can be used in spells for love, romance, healing and so much more.

Pink can also be used to attract good luck.

If you are feeling sad or down, use pink candles to bring joy into your life.


Orange is a warm and spicy color. It is the color of creativity, energy and passion. Orange brings happiness, abundance and success. Orange also represents healing and protection from harm or danger.

Learning about colors for candle magic can help you choose your candles for spells.

While some people are born with a natural ability to use candle magic, for most of us it’s just as much about practice as it is about understanding what the colors mean.

The color of your candle can help you focus on your intent and make sure that you aren’t accidentally sending out negative energy when you light a spell.


Candle magic is a great way to incorporate color into your spells. It’s not hard to learn about the different colors and their meanings when it comes to candle magic, but it can help you choose your candles for spells. For example, if you want a spell that will help you find love, then you might want to use red or pink candles because those colors stand for passion or romance. If on the other hand you are looking for money then maybe green would be better suited because green means prosperity or wealth!

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